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Mani is located at Laconica district at the south of Peloponnisos. The Taygetus peninsula is one of three, the other two being that of Epidaurus and that of Limera. The soil is difficult to cultivate as it is stony; people from Mani, however, due to their iron will, produce rice, cotton, lupins, Indian Figs, onions, vegetables, garden products, cereal, olive oil, olives, locust-beans and citrus products.


It is said that the founder of the town is not a mortal person; Hercules and Apollo argued over the tripod and after their reconciliation, they co-inhabited this town. At the town market one can find their statues, Dionysus’ and Carneios Apollo’s statues, Ammon’s sanctum and Blind Aesculapius’ copper statue as well as Demeter’s and Poseidon’s sanctums.


The ”Parthenon“ in Mani was not created by a human hand. It is said that the entire ground of Mani is hollow, a cave. However, we can only visit ”Alepotripa“ (fox hole) and ”Glifada“, which are located on the right side of the Diros bay.


To those coming from Mani a tower is as important as thorns are to Indian figs. Stones are the only abundant thing in Mani. That is why houses are built with it. The towers are square and they end up in big stones, called ”gonaria“. They have got small windows so that enemies cannot get through as well as embrasures or cannons which they use to fight. Most towers are two-storey and half-ruined.